Pacer S10

Pacer S10

Fiber optics


Single Logicboard

Product description

The Pacer S10 is the first solid state induction power supply to use fiber optics to eliminate noise generated faults. Fiber optics eliminate the need for filters to isolate noise to the logic board. With this micro controlled state of the art technology, isolated from any water or electrical failure in the power circuit, board life is dramatically increased and maintenance greatly reduced.

The self diagnostics of the logic control and pulse amplifier boards with a front annunciation panel aids in trouble shooting. Optional water path temperature monitoring is available. All nonferrous components with self contained pump and motor, and high efficiency heat exchanger insures high quality water is fed to the critical components.

  • High efficiency solid state frequency conversion
  • Single board logic control system
  • Fiber optics to transmit control signals
  • Built in diagnostics
  • Nonferrous internal water piping
  • Digital metering of output kW, volts, amps and frequency
  • Cabinet isolation of the control section from the power section for safety
  • Infinite power control from 10% to 110%
  • Main disconnect with under voltage trip
  • Internal capacitor bank capability


  • Safe potential separation between control and power supply
  • The right performance for appropriate work requirements
  • Great process flexibility
  • Display provides clear status data
  • Easy integration into automated systems
  • Installation of internal capacitor bank possible

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Technical Details

  • Frequency & Output Power:
    1kHz - 10kHz
    25kW - 300kW
  • Ausgangsleistungsregelung:
    Regelbereich 10% - 110%
  • Diagnostics:
    Built in diagnostics for control and simple handling

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