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Process Development / Inductive Brazing-Soldering Technology
Induced by our customers’ high demand for process assurance, productivity, accuracy, quality and greater flexibility, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic GmbH – Intec Induction is breaking new ground in soldering / brazing technology.

Customer decisions to purchase soldering equipment are always preceded by a detailed analysis of the customers’ requirements and the process requirements.

Result analysis is achieved by means of the most advanced test and measuring techniques:
Process development research around all topics of inductive brazing and soldering technology (also under inert gas )
Experimental laboratory with a variety of measuring systems
Metallographic analysis & testing
Testing of brazing & soldering connections with pull-off / tension shear tests
Repeatability of process sequences with method-time measuring MTM
Through long-lasting experience much know-how has been transferred to the new induction technology and has been put into practice by our experienced staff. All big automobile manufacturers, agricultural equipment manufacturers as well as their sub-suppliers are satisfied customers of Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic GmbH – Intec Induction.

Customer requirements and the high customer demands for state-of-the-art technologies are continuously growing, therefore Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic GmbH – Intec Induction is constantly advancing in this sector.

We are looking forward to analyzing and providing solutions for your special requirements with regard to inductive soldering equipment!
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