Pacer HF

Pacer RF


Product Description

The solid state solution for RF Induction Heating Applications.

  • Efficient, precision heating
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Compact, rugged, dependable in harsh industrial environments
  • State of the art power conversion technology
  • Ultimate load matching flexibility
  • Internal trending and data logging
  • Conservative 100% duty cycle rating
  • High resolution, all-digital logic
  • 100-500 kHz frquency range - ideal for heating small diameter wire, thin wall tubing / sheet, shallow case hardening, etc.
  • Transformer isolated output
  • Internal load matching components for a reduced footprint and simplified installation
  • Minimal water consumption and highly efficient power circuit to minimize water cooling requirements
  • Automatic load frquency tracking with a generous tuning window for little or no user required load matching adjustments
  • Optional compact remote capacitor banks fpr remote mounting the heating coil up to 25 ft. away from the power supply.

Link your System

  • Ethernet Industrial Communications
  • Remote monitoring
  • Control the process
  • Simplify integration with existing PLC´s an other industrial controllers

Target the guess work out

  • RMS and/or percent values
  • High visibility metering
  • Independent fault annunciation with diagnostic help
  • Monitor your process with feedback signal trending
  • Power window with conductance tracking
  • Power, voltage and current regulation modes
  • Automatic load tracking

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Technical Details

    • Frequency and Power Range:
      100kHz - 500kHz
      20kW und 40kW
    • Input Line Voltage:
      400V/480V AC; 50/60Hz, 3-phase
    • Diagnostics:
      Built in diagnostics for control and simple handling

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