Inductron II

Inductron II MPC power supplies take the guesswork out of matching power to work piece requirements. That is because we have more than doubled the operating range/flexibility of these units to give you more than 25 power/frequency options. Inductron II MPC power supplies are offered in single frequency and dual frequency configurations. Voltage source Inductron II MPC power supplies incorporate circuitry with high voltage semi conductors for long life, resulting in reduced downtime and higher production. Components are modular and accessible from the front of the cabinet.

  • Over 25 power/frequency combinations
  • Single, dual and variable frequency capability
  • Built-in diagnostic routines simplify servicing
  • 20-function keyboard for easy data entry
  • 80 character alphanumeric display
  • 50 or 250 millisecond ramp speed
  • Two RS-232 ports to interface with PLC, PC or plant computer
  • Easy access to all components from front of machine
  • Door-on-door-design for operator safety


  • The right power to meet job requirements
  • Provides greater process flexibility
  • Reduces need for power factor correction
  • Maximizes uptime
  • Allows for quick and easy change-over to new process/parts
  • Tank circuit operates at lower voltages
  • Provides clear and concise status
  • Integrates easily into modern equipment and SPC systems
  • Allows power supply to be mounted against a wall or machine
  • Allows access to printed circuit board status LED´s without exposure to high voltage


  • Digital Interface Card
  • Channels for monitoring / display functions

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Technical Details

  • Frequency & Output Power:
    Single Frequency
    1kHz 250 - 1.000 kW
    2kHz 200 - 800 kW
    3kHz 200 - 800 kW
    Dual Frequency
    3 und 10kHz / 30 - 900 kW
    10 und 25kHz / 50 - 300 kW
  • Electronic assembly
    CMOS-type microprocessor-based with 20-function keyboard for data entry

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