Toccotron HF

The TOCCOtron- HF is a family of solid-state radio frequency power supplies developed by Ajax Tocco for higher frequency induction heating requirements. Applications include processing small parts where narrow heat patterns must be precisely controlled, as well as, a broad range of related automotive and industrial heating tasks. The standard control for the TOCCOtron HF MPC power supply is a shop floor programmable, microprocessor-based system. Job set up is as simple as entering keyboard data and verifying values on the oversized alphanumeric display. In addition, the microprocessor prompts the user on proper load matching.

  • MOSFET solid state design
  • Selectable frequency range
  • 20 kW to high power 360 kW
  • Microprocessor user interface available
  • Parallel tuned power circuit
  • Built in protection devices and circuits
  • RS-232 communication port


  • Reliable high efficiency radio frequency power supply
  • Delivers full power from 50-200 kHz
  • The right power to meet job requirements
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Lower output voltages for longer life
  • Provides years of trouble free service
  • Integrates easily into modern equipment and SPC systems


  • Digital interface card
  • Analog interface

Technical Details

  • Frequency & Output Power:
    50 - 200kHz 20 - 360 kW
  • Electronic Assembly:
    CMOS-type microprocessor-based with 20-function keyboard for data entry

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