Induction Vertical Hardening Machine with Turntable

Product description:

The Induction Vertical Hardening Machine with Turntable can be easily integrated in automated systems. The machine offers an increased process flexibility. The system includes an internal cooling water circuit sized to meet maximum for power supply and inductor.

All electrical cabinet components are easily accessible from the front side of the cabinet. Maximum up time through quick changeovers to new process data and other components. Loading and unloading is made by a robot.

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All specifications subject to change without notice.

Technical details:

  • IGBT Power supply
  • Power supply MF 50-500 kW // 8-40 kHz
  • Power supply HF 30-500 kW // 150-350 kHz
  • Frequency range 10-300kHz
  • Siemens S7-300 controls or customer preferred controls
  • Integrated PLC for process status and process data
  • Industrial PC operator panel