Inductive heating system for shrink fitting processes

Product description:

The Autotron is a lightweight air-cooled induction heating power source. When used in conjunction with one of the serveral available heating tools, it produce flameless heat within metal objects, such as automotive body panels, nuts, bolts, and windshiel channels.

With the available power rating of 1500/3000 Watt und 115/ 230V Vac, the Autotron is
ideal for typical automotive repair facilities. It´s small compact size allows it to be easily transported to remote locations away from the shop.

There are two types of control panels. A control panel only with digital timer and a control panel with digital timer and temperature controller.

The control panel with digital timer shows a timer on the display for setting the heating time. By pressing the "Start" button, the heating process will start and runs as long as timer was pre-adjusted. The heating process can be stopped by pressing the "Stop" button.

The control panel with time control and temperature control shows on the display a timer for setting the maximum duration of the heating process, and a controller for specifying the maximum temperature to be reached.

The current workpiece temperature is shown on a further display.

After reaching the predetermined temperature, the power is than switched on and of and the temperature is kept at the preset value.

After the maximum run time has elapsed, the device is stopped and can be restarted.

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Technical details:

  • Output Power: 1,5 / 3 kWt
  • Output Frequency: 45 - 60 kHz
  • Input Power: 115/230 Vac; 16 A; 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 230mm x 220mm
  • Weight: ca. 14 kg


  • Bearing Pro Induktor - Heating inside a ring or bearing with temperature sensor
  • Slot Pro Induktor - Vollerwärmung von Bauteilen
  • Double Bearing Induktor - Total heating upof one part
  • Multi Pro Induktor - Total heating up of one part

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