The company Ajax Tocco Magnethermic GmbH was founded in 2004 in Sinsheim and arises from the company Intect GmbH which was founded in 1988.

Consolidated with the AjaxTOCCO Group, an enterprise active in the field of induction equipment technology throughout the world, AjaxTOCCO Magnethermic GmbH - Intec Induction is the center of expertise for inductive brazing machines, heat treatment machines and hardening machines. With more than 80 years of experience in induction equipment technology we are known as a reliable partner for our customers.

Particularly, in the areas of brazing technology and hardening technology we are one of the leading manufacturers of special machinery and standard equipment. Due to our know-how and our center of expertise in Germany / Hirschhorn, all big automobile manufacturers, agricultural equipment manufacturers as well as their sub-suppliers are our satisfied customers. 

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