Autotron Car Body Repair

Autotron 3300-3


For minimizing / removing hail damages


For disassembly of vehicle windows


For rapid heating of vehicle frame parts

Product Description

The Autotron is a lightweight air-cooled induction heating power source. When used in conjunction with one of the several available heating tools, it produces flameless heat within metal objects, such as automotive body panels, nuts, bolts, and windshield channels. With the available power rating of 1500/3000 Watt und 120/ 230V Vac, the Autotron is ideal for typical automotive repair facilities. Is small compact size allows it to be easily transported to remote locations away from the shop.


  • Heating frame rails
  • Remove automotive windows
  • Remove automotive nickel size dents
  • Remove side moldings
  • Remove stickers and tapes
  • Easy removal of trusted nuts and bolts


  • Easy use and handling
  • Increase profits and productivity
  • Multi attachments increase verstility
  • Wide array of heating attachements
  • Große Prozessflexibilität minimiert den Arbeitszeitaufwand
  • Easy and quick change of inductors as they are pluggable
  • Inductors for various small parts quickly available

All specifications subject to change without notice.

Technical Details

  • Output Power: 1500/3000 Watt
  • Output frequency: 50kHz bis 60kHz
  • Input Power: 120/230 Vac; 15 Ampere; 50/60Hz
  • Weight: appr. 14kg
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 230mm x 220mm (L x B x H)